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REKAKARYA (REKA) is an Indonesian company with extensive local experience well supported by international expertise. We are a specialist EPC ground improvement contractor.

REKA is one-stop center offering a total solution for your ground improvement needs.

We offer technically advanced, innovative and cost-effective ground improvement solutions for various ground conditions. Applying our engineering excellence and innovation to provide tailor-made solutions to meet the requirements of our clients. We are committed to providing reliable solutions to the client while: 


We believe in engaging with our clients at the earliest stage of a project where value engineering can be optimized. From the project conceptualization stage, a comprehensive program of site investigation can be formulated leading to the development of Design-and-Build solutions. During the design stage, our technical expertise provides innovative designs,  reliable schedules and quantities as well as predictable construction outcomes. During construction, we are committed to the highest degree of health and safety on site, quality and dependability, environmental preservation and sustainability. We maintain unparalleled resources of plant and equipment along with experienced personnel. 


REKA offers a wide spectrum of ground improvement techniques. We strive to provide customized solutions for a variety of ground conditions from very soft clays to very loose sands, and for varying degree of improvement such as settlement control, improving bearing capacity and stability and anti-liquefaction treatment.

We have vast experience in solving many different ground problems using one or combinations of the following techniques:

  • Consolidation Methods : Vertical drains | Vacuum Preloading
  • Compaction Methods: Dynamic Compaction | Vibro Compaction | Rapid Impact Compaction
  • Granular Columnar Reinforcement Methods: Dynamic Replacement | Vibro Replacement (Stone Columns)
  • Cementitous Columnar Reinforcement Methods: Displacement Grout Columns | Deep Soil Mixing | Control Modulus Column (CMC) | Kolom Grout Modular




REKA solutions are used across the construction sector in the infrastructure, industrial, commercial and residential verticals.

  • The objectives of incorporating ground improvement techniques are:
  • To improve bearing capacity during construction
  • To improve stability during construction
  • To reduce long-term settlement after construction
  • To mitigate liquefaction during seismic condition



REKA implements a detailed and clear programme of QA/QC during and after ground improvement works. In-situ field tests (e.g. cone penetration tests, pressuremeter tests, etc.) may also be carried out to determine the compliance of field results against the design requirements. Full load tests and settlement monitoring sometime constitute parts of the QA/QC programme.

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