Guidelines for Geotechnical Site Investigation

REKA GEOGUIDE 2: Guidelines for Geotechnical Site Investigation: Frequency and Depth of Investigation

GEOGUIDE 2 Site Investigation Density (290414)

International Conference on Geotechnics (IC Geotechnics)

International Conference on Geotechnics (IC Geotechnics) “Sustainable Development Challenges in Geotechnics” Royal Ambarrukmo Plasa Yogyakarta, 24 – 25 July 2018

Publish paper Bridge Approach Embankments on Rigid Inclusions

Bridge Approach Embankments on Rigid Inclusions v1.1B

Presentation Bridge Approach Embankments on Rigid Inclusions

Bridge Approach Embankments on Rigid Inclusions ICG 2018

Bridge Approach Embankments on Rigid Inclusions

Rapid development in Indonesia calls for a new highway to be constructed in Central Java. Along the highway alignment, bridges are to be constructed over rivers and existing local roads.

Based on the soil conditions, performance requirements, construction schedule and project budget, ground reinforcement using Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC) was adopted to support the bridge approach embankments to minimise post construction settlements; and to improve bearing capacity and slope stability.

The CMC system consists of vertical cylindrical grout columns installed in a predetermined grid spacing using displacement auger. Typically, the CMC column was terminate at stiff layer, which found at depth 15m to 24m. Due to the huge loading and thick compressible cohesive soil, selection of CMC column spacing and length is importance to ensure CMC capacity within design.

To confirm design termination depth of CMC column a set of drilling instrument were fitted into the drilling rig. In this paper, 2D numerical modelling were verified by the 3D model and the results are presented. Also presented in this paper is a brief description of the installation method used in soft ground condition together with a description of the quality control procedure and acceptance testing. After completion of the CMC works, approach embankments up to 11m were constructed.

Ground Improvement to Mitigate Liquefaction

Ground improvement technique to mitigate liquefaction due to earthquake presented by Rizal during Yogyakarta International Conference 2018

GI Mitigation Liquefaction v1


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